Alok Mishra is a qualified , experienced and highly efficient software professional, living in Sitarganj, Uttarakhand

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Alok Mishra
Ward No 07, Khatima Road, Ramleela Ground
Near Guru Nanak Medical Store
Sitarganj Dist. Udham Singh Nagar,
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You can send me payments for the services in advance or whenever you wish to make payment. I am thankful for all your courtesy.


Amount once received is non adjustable with other services and non refundable.

Products and Services
Software development, maintenance and upgrades. Linux System Administration
Areas of Service
Software Development, maintenance, Linux System Administration
Opening Hours
10:00 IST - 04 :00 PM IST
Emergence services 24X7 available on the best efforts basis.
Payment Methods
PayPal for foreign customers.
For Indian Customers Bank Account transfer through Net Banking, UPI, IMPS etc, or Wallet to Wallet Transfer
Software development
MCA from UPTU, Lucknow and working as freelancer since 2006

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